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Machining Services

Aridian Industries provides American made injection molds, Die cast molds, Electrical discharge machining, mold repair, CNC millwork and custom machined products for our clients.

A.I.'s capabilities include:

  • Injection Molds to 3,600 lbs. ( 1,600 Kilo)
    • Low cost Aluminum Production molds
    • High volume tool steel molds
    • USA made or China Imports
  • Die Cast Molds to 2,400 lbs. ( 1,100 Kilo)
    • USA made only
  • Automated Assembly Machinery
    • Custom end of arm robotic tooling
      • Injection Molding Machine Robots
      • Fanuc
      • PLC controlled automated machinery
  • 3 Axis CNC milling
    • Includes deep hole drilling
  • Vacuum Form wood patterns / prototypes
    • Direct prototype parts to 22" x 38" x 7 "      From  .03" to .375"thick material gauge
  • Vacuum form Aluminum production tooling
    • Rotary, or single station
  • Electrical Discharge Machining
    • To 80 amp- Graphite or Copper electrodes
  • Custom Tube bending
  • Retail Blister pack tooling
  • Retail Clamshell tooling
  • Custom Machined products

A Special note about foreign molds

It is no secret that the plastics industry has in large part been outsourced to China during the last 20 years, Labor is a major part of the cost of any mold. Cheap Chinese labor has decimated  American mold builders and few remain.  Skilled toolmakers/mold shops have in most part been the victims of the outsourcing and those remaining in the field have learned how to be competitive against global competition. 

Common underling issues with sourcing molds from offshore suppliers include:

  • General lack of control of the tool design and build-
  • No legal recourse in the event of quality issues- Offshore mold makers get paid prior to shipping molds and cannot be sued in American courts.
  • Most molds require some amount of adjustment once shipped to US molders - Make sure any molder has adequate capability to make adjustments or corrections before ordering an Offshore mold.
  • Poor quality steel
  • Delays in product launch due to sea shipping of heavy molds or extensive air freight costs for air shipment.
  • Hidden cost of molds, due to shipping, import duties, brokerage and storage fees. 
  • Unwillingness / Punitive cost  structure of American toolmakers to repair offshore molds.

A.I's solution to the above underling issues:

When practical, A.I. will build the mold in the USA there are however times when this is not the best alternative for the customer.  In these circumstances A.I. has established relationships with a few specific offshore mold makers.

First the design of the part will be matched with the technical abilities of the approved tool maker for a best fit.

Cost will be quoted to the customer based upon A.I's technical requirements. All fees will be detailed and itemized. Good faith estimates with not to exceed costs will be provided as well as time line estimates.

Once  the quote is accepted, A.I will act as agent for the customer and obtain drawings from the toolmaker and perform a technical review of the drawings to confirm necessary technical issues are compliant with A.I.'s standards.

Upon mold completion, samples will be air freighted for inspection prior to final payment of tooling. A.I. and customer will inspect to insure conformity to design.

Upon receipt of the mold, A.I. will inspect for shipping damage, test shoot and make any adjustments necessary to bring to original drawing conformity or A.I's requirements.

A.I. will then run and maintain Offshore tooling at its expense for a period of 250,000 parts at A.I.'s expense.

Serving our clients first, A.I. does repair and maintain imported molds on a time available basis and does perform repairs and maintenance on imported molds for our molding competitors on a confidential basis.

Help yourself by Shopping "First in Texas,  then in the USA finally and only then - Globally"

Machining Highlights

  • Injection Molds- 
    USA or China mfg.
  • Die Cast Molds
  • Vacuum Form Tooling
  • Retail Packaging Molds
  • Repair of China Molds
  • Custom Machined Products
  • EDM Sinker Work
  • 3 Axis CNC work
  • Robotic end of arm tooling
  • Automated Machinery