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Product Design Services

Utilizing 3D Solid modeling software and Web based collaboration A.I. can assist in the speedy realization of products designed for manufacturability. 

Particularly useful, web conferencing,  can allow you the customer to visualize, dynamically rotate and have input in real- time as the design comes to life without expensive and time consuming on site meetings.

Once designs are visualized dimensionally accurate computer generated physical 3D models can  be made and provided to customers usually within 24-48 hours depending on workload and customer location.   These models can be used as a "hands-on" functional check prior to creation of any necessary production tooling or fixtures.

Key to A.I. product designs are manufacturability- As toolmakers and molders, we know the hidden costs and pitfalls of poor design, including higher part costs due to long manufacturing cycles excessive material costs, maintenance cost of complex tooling and possible interruption of  delivery.  We work diligently to review with customers options that could improve a customers product by lowering cost and improving quality.

In house 3D CAD, Real-time online collaboration, 48-hour prototypes, designs for manufacturability and free review of customer designs...sound reasons to consider us on your next project...

Design Highlights

  • 3D  Design Services
  • Real-time Online Collaboration
  • 48-hour prototypes
  • In-house toolmakers
  • Designs for manufacturability
  • Free review of customer designs prior to tooling
  • In- house molding