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Injection Molding

Aridian Industries prides itself in providing its services at globally competitive costing. Our costs are in line with manufacturers in China and India while being manufactured in the United States.

Virtually any plastic material can be molded, and in almost any quantity and color.  While their are some cost practical limitations A.I. will work with its customers in providing free quotes of any quantity of parts. 

A.I.'s Injection molding facility is located in the Dallas-Fort Worth  metroplex and serves the continental US competitively.

Typical order cycles from "offshore molders" are 12 weeks including manufacturing/shipping /customs/final delivery and usually require payment prior to shipment.  This significantly ties up cash flow while waiting on product to float across the ocean.  Our "net 30 terms" allow you to have product in your hands and sell product prior to payment, this also allows faster reaction time to changing markets.

Flexible payment options are offered, for convenience short/small runs can be charged on credit card or COD. On higher value orders are typically net 30 accounts on approved credit.

Higher volume/longer run projects can qualify for special stocking programs which offer a higher level of service than other local competitors and significantly improved cash flow and lead time compared to offshore competitors.

Our shipping department has competitive pricing set up with trusted freight carriers, and ability to handle customer specifications. Click here for our full Terms and Conditions.

Globally competitive, any plastic, color or quantity, free quotes, better cash flow, faster lead times and less risk than offshore molders ...more reasons to consider us on your next project...

Molding Highlights

  • Globally Competitive
  • Any Plastic or Color
  • Free Quotes
  • Shorter lead times and better cash flow than offshore competitors
  • Short lead times allow faster market reaction- reduced risk
  • Assembly Services
  • Flexible payment options
  • Stocking Programs
  • Competitive Shipping
  • Made in USA