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Die Cast Parts

Aridian Industries prides itself in providing its services at globally competitive costing.  Our costs are in line with manufacturers in China and India while being manufactured in the United States.

A.I, using 3D design software and 3 axis CNC machining produces Die cast tooling for low and medium volume applications.  Parts made from the Die casting process include Zinc and Aluminum and offer some solutions to demanding molding requirements.  Recent advancements in plastics materials now rival some of the strength obtained in die cast parts so please discuss these options with us for cost saving options.

Molded locally, we then do any finish machining required.  Typically these parts are used in assemblies with Injection molded parts which we produce. and can be plated or painted prior to assembly.

Sourcing die cast parts from a single source vendor insures on time delivery of complete assemblies and lessens logistical planning.


Die Cast Highlights

  • Low /Medium Volume
    Die cast parts
  • A.I. produced tooling
  • Zinc or Aluminum Molded Parts
  • Secondary Machining
  • Plating /painting available
  • Assembly services
  • Single sourcing