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Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas
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Our Services

Aridian Industries prides itself in providing our services at globally competitive costing. Our costs are in line with manufacturers in China and India while being manufactured in the United States.

We offer excellent customer care and communication with the convenience of  a local manufacturer and locally manufactured and stocked product.

Local manufacturing provides the convenience of operating in local time zones with English as a first language.  A.I. only employs American citizens, thus eliminating errors caused by translation to foreign languages or cultures typical of doing business in other countries.  

A.I. can also offer shorter lead times than foreign competitors. Typically foreign competitors sea shipments take 4-6 weeks. A.I. can offer stocking programs with weekly/ bi weekly shipments which free up your cash flow and minimize exposure to large lots of defective product from overseas.

A.I. offers free quotes on new projects and are willing to work from design concept or completed designs.  We provide quick turn quotes on projects within the normal scope of our services.

A.I. manufacturing process are set up to handle very small quantities to long production runs.

Our shipping department has competitive pricing set up with trusted freight carriers, and ability to handle customer specifications.

Competitive cost, customer service, short lead times, stocking programs, improved cash flow, and competitive freight...all reasons to consider us on your next project...


Top 10 Highlights

  1. Globally Competitive Costing
  2. Excellent Customer Communication
  3. Short Lead Times
  4. Free Quotes
  5. Local Time Zones
  6. USA quality by US citizens
  7. No language /cultural errors
  8. Stocking Programs
  9. Small Runs OK
  10. Discounted shipping to customer specifications